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Over 100 years of experience in engineering, technical innovation and "designed to order" high temperature fans.


A history of excellence.

Howden is pleased to provide over one hundred years of excellence in the design and engineering of high temperature fans with the Garden City brand of speciality fans. These fans have set the standard by which other fans are measured in furnaces, kilns, ovens, and other demanding applications.

We offer a diverse selection of fans for operations up to 2000°F. For applications over 1400°F special enriched alloys such as Inconel®†, Monel®†, Incoloy®†, Hastelloy®‡, and others are selected based on the customer's specifications and a variety of computer based analytical techniques. Our engineering staff have many years of fan experience, as well as a thorough knowledge of materials and stress analysis to select the correct product for each application.

As a charter member of AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) we have helped to establish many of the standards used throughout the industry today. Our accredited AMCA Test Laboratory continues to research and test products of today and for the future. Our test facility is continually conducting performance tests, sound measurement, and stress analysis to meet our current needs, as well as developing tomorrow's products.

Quality through engineering

Every Garden City high temperature fan supplied by Howden is thoroughly inspected and tested. This quality assurance is integral to our leadership in the industry. The Quality Assurance team works independently from our manufacturing group to ensure autonomy.

Non-destructive (NDE) test procedures such as magnetic, liquid dye penetrant, radiograph, and ultrasonic testing are used to ensure the quality of the welds.

We can design a customised fan to meet your requirements. Our experienced design engineers will work with you to customise one of our fans to meet your exact requirements. Whether it be special orientations, unique material to withstand high temperatures or corrosive gas, custom construction for your size, or ducting requirements - Howden has a Garden City fan that can do the job.

We can do it

If your present system needs to be modified or if you are looking to design a new product or project, we can help. Our high temperature expertise can advise you on modifying your present equipment for new applications or temperatures, or we can design new equipment for your changing operation.

We have worked with many OEMs and research groups to design new equipment on the leading edge of energy research, oil refining, and other products and processes to meet the needs of the industry in the future. Let us design one for you.

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Custom features ensure that your fan is perfect for you.


Howden can build the right fan for your needs. A diverse product line plus many optional features ensures that your fan is perfect for you. Garden City fans are the perfect choice when the temperature is high.

  • Insulated or uninsulated housing.
  • Scroll or diffuser type housing.
  • Air or water cooled shaft.
  • Plug units or scroll housing.
  • Gastight and limited leakage designs.
  • Customised diffuser housing designs.
  • Complete fan package - fan, motor, and v-belt drive.
  • Direct drive.

Accessories available to maximise the fans design and safety.

  • OSHA approved shaft, coupling and belt guards.
  • Damper and inlet control vanes.
  • Inspection doors.
  • Drains.
  • Shaft seals.

Fan arrangements to custom fit your requirements.

  • Arrangements 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9.

Product Range

Radial blade fans (RF2)

Versatile centrifugal fans that can cope with temperatures up to 2000°F.

Processes: Air or gas recirculation, Incinerators, Glass furnaces, Exhausting, CCR

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Backward inclined fans (BF)

Highly suited for systems with fluctuating resistance, they are a popular choice for rugged, efficient service in a variety of industrial applications.

Processes: Recirculation, Exhausting, Drying/curing, Incinerators, Paint finishing/coil coaters 

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Forward curved fans (FF2)

A small package for high volume, high temperature applications. They are restricted to low dust environments and operate with less noise, they are particularly suited to high temperature uses.

Processes: Air recirculation, Homogenizing, Preheating, Annealing, Float furnaces

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Propeller Plug fans (PF2)

Featuring six-bladed impellers, these fans help eliminate costly ductwork in oven applications.

Processes: Air recirculation, Homogenizing, Preheating

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