Tunnel Ventilation

Good ventilation is an essential part of the planning process for modern tunnel design

In road and rail tunnels where passenger safety and comfort is essential, it is important to plan the ventilation system carefully. Vehicle tunnels and metros have to be able to meet the air flow demands which match changing traffic conditions, as well as being able to remain in operation during emergency situations.

Howden tunnel ventilation fans perform this task efficiently, reliably and quietly, and are designed to remain operational during extreme temperature conditions.



Absolute reliability for the safe supply of air in tunnels

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Tunnel ventilation diagram

Air circulation

Ensuring an adequate air circulation, to control the spread of smoke in case of fire, or to reduce temperatures to acceptable limits.

Products: Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans

Ventilation design

Simulate and animate air flow and fan behaviour in real time and analyse tunnel ventilation within a rich and dynamic environment.

Products: VentSimTM DESIGN

Watch our short animation to find out about how our offering for tunnel ventilation now goes beyond tunnel fans with the addition of VentSimTM and Howden Uptime.

Bringing you the future of tunnel ventilation

Our innovative solutions go beyond tunnel fans to offer lifetime solutions with our unique combination of trusted products and digital solutions, VentSimTM and Uptime.

  • Optimised performance and predictive maintenance
  • 3D tunnel ventilation model and simulation, including simulation of the piston effect
  • Optimised sizing of fans based on simulated design options
  • Validate and improve safety protocols and procedures through emergency simulations, including hydrogen fires
  • Cost and time efficient refurbishment and retrofit solutions
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