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Howden leads the world with our Digital Solutions

For over 160 years we have developed innovative rotating equipment. We are the world's leading application engineer.

Now we have developed a revolutionary approach to offer you Performance on Demand. Working in partnership with the world leaders in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) we are able to offer solutions that are, more than condition monitoring and more than data analysis, an all encompassing approach to optimise the performance of your equipment and processes to give you an advantage.

Our systems are designed to give you an invaluable insight into your rotating equipment, that can save you significant time and cost. From tools to help you design the optimum process, to those that will help you avoid costly outages by detecting early warning signs, right the way up to our fully automated systems which monitor, collate and analyse the data from your equipment before automatically making adjustments.

Our engineers have designed interfaces and apps for your engineers to use while working on their rotating equipment. Augmented reality solutions give the engineer an enhanced view of the equipment and it's place in the process, while key data and trends are presented in real-time so that performance can be fine tuned.


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Why Howden?

Expert Support

Because we manufacture air and gas handling equipment for speciality gas processes, we can offer expert and unbiased advice about the right solution for your application.

Global Presence, Local Service

In our experience, there is no substitute for local support; that’s why we have local teams ready to help.

Lifetime Commitment

We offer lifetime support of every product we supply - covering not only spares and servicing but also upgrades and advice.

Customer focus

We regularly undertake customer research to understand your key challenges and requirements, meaning we can develop and offer the right products.

Commitment to cost reduction

We understand a key challenge of the sector is increasing costs. That’s why we’re dedicated to increasing your efficiencies and lowering your operating costs.


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