Feedstock Production


Howden equipment is used in both traditional and emerging conversion processes to make petrochemical feedstock

Primary energies can be converted into cleaner fuel or feedstock. Coal (CTO), Methanol (MTO) and non conventional gas and liquids are converted to competitive feedstock for the growing demand of the petrochemical sector. Propane is a growing source and has a specific process to deliver for polypropylene petrochemical feedstock.

A compressor’s typical role within this process is within the make up, recycle, hydrogen feed, gas recovery and process blanketing stages. Howden supplies compression equipment for utility services, such as nitrogen and air networks compressors, pneumatic conveyors, instrument air and combustion air.

Howden fans extract residual gases from process capacities, ensure building ventilation and aeration, and room pressurization. Howden fans are selected to ensure reliable ventilation in crisis situations.


Comprehensive, Customized Services

Howden fans and compressors serve process application in Ethylene plants, PDH, SMR, Methanol plant, and olefins storage sites. Our products are used in refrigeration application, air and gas supply, vapor recovery, and conversion processes.

Bespoke Packages

Whether supplied as a stand-alone unit or a compete package, each Howden equipment is designed to match the rigors of its environment as well as its specific task, and engineered to offer continuous uninterrupted operation over many decades.

In-House Expertise

Howden engineering teams and field engineers have access to our 160 years of learning, meaning we can offer our expertise at every step of the process from product selection to ongoing support. Our worldwide organisation provides local responsive support to end users and customers.

  • Propane Dehydration PDH. H2 Compressor

    Howden supplies reciprocating diaphragm  compressors for the application.

    • Diaphragm
  • Propane Dehydration PDH. Feedgas

  • Ethylene Plant/Charge gas Cracked gas centrif

    Compress the gas between reaction stages.

  • Ethylene Plant/Regeneration screw comp

    Compressors are used to recycle gas back to the adsorbing column in a molecular sieve drying system.

    • Centrifugal compressor, Screw compressor
  • Ethylene Plant/Refrigerant compressor

    Chilling of Clean wet gas  (Ethylene & Propylene Refrigerant compressor).

    • Oil injected screw compressors
  • Ethylene Plant/Propane Recycle compressor

    • Screw compressors
  • Ethylene Plant/Overhead recycle compressor Screw

    Ethylene production to recycle the fractionator overheads back to the reactors.

    • Screw compressors
  • Ethylene Plant/ Ethylene cracking

    • Centrifugal compressor
  • Ethylene Plant/Ethylene cracking Furnace

    • Centrifugal fans
  • Ethylene storage/Vapour. Boil-off gas

    Boil-off gas will be recompressed and recovered to storage via a reliquefaction system or potentially supplied to the plant for other processes. The BOG compressors can be oil injected screw or reciprocating compressors. 

    • Oil injected screw compressors, API618
  • Ethylene storage/ Tank vapour reliquefaction. Refrigeration Compressor

    Tank vapours are collected and sent to the reliquefaction unit where refrigant compressor serve the unit. Howden supplies screw compressors for the application.

    • Screw compressors
  • Methanol plant/Natural gas compressors

    Feed the process with Natural gas to be converted to syngas.

    • Centrifugal compressor
  • Methanol plant/Synthesis gas compressors

    Large Centrifugal single shaft

    • Centrifugal compressor
  • Methanol plant/Air Blowers for ASU

    ASU (Air Separation Units). Vacuum swing adsorption (Air separation) O2 gerenration. Ambient air is drawn through the process with a vacuum generated by a blower. Howden supply root blowers for the application.

    • Lobe Blowers
  • Methanol plant/Air supply

    Methanol plant/Air, for O2 production. Howden supplies centrifugal fan for the application

    • Centrifugal Fan
  • Methanol plant/Syngas Makeup

    Methanol plant/Syngas Makeup. Natural gas is converted to syngas. Howden supplies centrifugal fan for the application.

    • Centrifugal Fan
  • Methanol plant/Reformer FD and ID Fans

    Howden supplies centrifugal fan for the application

    • Centrifugal Fan
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