Mine Ventilation Engineering Services

Achieve a safe working environment while reducing costs and energy consumption to meet net-zero commitments

The Howden mine ventilation team is a valuable resource for mine operators.
With our engineering expertise and advanced ventilation management systems
such as Ventsim™, we can assist in achieving a safe underground environment,
reduce downtime and costs, improve reliability and provide efficient life cycle
management, all from one point of contact.

With unmatched experience and reference installations in all worldwide mines and methods of extraction, Howden's experts are capable of delivering optimal ventilation design solutions.


Our service typically includes all or some of the following components:

  • Full ventilation surveys, including analysis of specific airflows and pressures throughout the mine and evaluation of all the relevant K-factors
  • Fire simulations, emergency preparedness and response simulations
  • Ventsim model update and calibration
  • Ventilation and network improvement plans
  • Ventilation on demand feasibility studies
  • Ventilation equipment sizing, selection and trade off studies
  • Ventilation simulation including airflow, heating, cooling, gases, DPM and fire
  • Analysis of current and future ventilation requirement including LOM studies
  • Remote or on-site software training

Mine Ventilation Engineering Services

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