Total Mine Ventilation Solutions


An evolutionary leap forward in the concept, design, engineering, equipment and control of mine ventilation

Howden is one of the best known and most respected companies providing ventilation solutions in mines. No matter the type of mine (coal, mineral or base metal), Howden solutions provide superior ventilation performance.

Trusted OEM Supplier

A proven track record over a century of supplying axial flow fans, centrifugal surface ventilation fans, mixed flow main ventilation fans, underground booster fans, and portable mine fans for underground auxiliary ventilation, means that you can trust the performance of your rotating equipment when it bears the name Howden.


World leading Software and Digital partner

Our ventilation control software is revolutionising the Mining industry. We believe in building on the best, and therefore our Total Mine Ventilation Solution is built upon the worlds best OEM ventilation equipment, paired with the worlds most used Mine mapping software (Ventsim) and leveraging partnerships with some of the biggest names in the world for digital solutions including OSISoft, Microsoft and PCI.

The standard for Heat Exchange Equipment

Thanks to our acquisition of ACI-CANEFCO in 2018, we now can supply the direct and indirect heaters that some mines, based in colder climates, require.

The most flexible agreement

Whether you wish to buy each component from us individually, or you wish to use a different brand of fan with our controls, or you need to use different monitors, or different heaters, our solution can meet your needs. If you wish to reduce CAPEX, our payment options mean that we can accommodate your needs. If you wish to control every aspect of your mining ventilation yourself, then your mine ventilation engineers will be able to do that with our system, if you would rather completely outsource your ventilation, then our Ventilation as a Service (VaaS) will allow you to rest assured that your mines' ventilation is completely controlled and monitored round the clock by our team of experts.  

No matter your requirement, we have a Total Mine Ventilation Solution for you

Total Mine Ventilation Solutions

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Over 160 years of OEM experience supplying ventilation equipment to the mining industry

Mine Ventilation Fans

Our product range covers axial, centrifugal and mixed flow fans in a vast variety of configurations for both underground and surface fan applications. They provide versatility, economic advantages, low noise characteristics and outstanding aerodynamic performance.

Cooling systems

With a range of temperature control options, we apply a flexible and effective approach to mine cooling to suit your specific conditions. We offer screw compressor packages for ammonia chillers, bulk air coolers with unique counter-flow design and portable, skid mounted cooling units for underground or surface use.

Heating systems

Our heaters are capable of burning everything from natural gas and propane to waste oil. premium efficiency, serviceability, and low emissions are key to the design of a mine shaft heating system. We ensure every heater is designed to operate safely and effectively in the toughest environments.

Product page and downloads

Download our brochure for further information on mine equipment, including damper systems, silencers, and electrical and control hardware.


VentsimTM Solutions

Ventilation software, hardware and control


Our Ventsim DESIGN software is the ultimate 3D mine ventilation design solution. It allows you to create a 3D model of your tunnels, shafts and raises using your existing 3D mine drawings. You can also simulate and animate air flow and fan behaviour in real time and analyse mine ventilation within a rich and dynamic visual environment. Various colours indicate over 70 different data types including air flow, velocity, pressure, temperature, contaminants and costs.

Product page and downloads


A ventilation management and control system operated through simple and intuitive control screens which help you quickly understand the conditions in any area of a mine and make necessary adjustments. All options are pre-programmed for a straightforward plug-and-play package that is flexible and easy to use. The system allows you to quickly adapt to situations where ventilation needs are constantly changing. Ventsim Control also allows you to operate on a fully automated and optimized mine ventilation solution, including Ventilation-On-Demand, based on vehicle and personnel presence. The system enables the mine to better manage your ventilation for improved production, blast-clearing times, energy savings, and, most importantly, increased safety for underground workers.

Product page and downloads



Delivering unrivalled advantages for the mining industry

Giving you a data driven advantage

Our Ventsim solutions gather a wealth of data from your ventilation systems and equipment. This data is critical to understanding the behaviour of the products in your process. Powered by the world leading IoT platform ThingWorx from PTC and hosted securely on Microsoft Azure we have developed a solution which securely manages the data and processes it using powerful analytics tools.

Ventilation as a Service

Part of our Total Mine Ventilation Solution is VaaS or Ventilation as a Service.
VaaS encompasses all of our turnkey technologies and engineering services, that are customisable to suit any of your requirements. It also comprises financial solutions to help reduce your OPEX and eliminate your CAPEX needs.
If you require a more traditional financial solution we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Product integration

Our TMVS approach can fully integrate with other products and systems already available in your mine. Any existing control panels, tracking and communication systems, fans and ancillary equipment, can be plugged to our Ventsim solutions delivering the same results in savings, operational efficiency and safety to your mine.

TMVS experts

Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart

International Mining Technology Hall of Fame nominee and creator of Ventsim.

Craig's page
Hugo Dello Sbarba

Hugo Dello Sbarba

A specialist in heat recovery systems for mines, Hugo has published a number of articles about mine ventilation.

Hugo's page

Peter Terkovics

Mechanical Engineer with 29 years of experience in industrial process heating and underground mine air heating systems design, sales, installation and commissioning.

Peter's page
Peter Terkovic

Benoit Dussault

Leading the development of multiple world-class industrial solutions including Ventsim™ CONTROL.

Benoit's page
Benoit Dussault

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Case Studies



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Our radically new Ventsim CONTROL technologies that brought impressive cost and energy savings while also raising productivity.

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This study examines the results of three typical mines with VOD installed.

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Ventsim CONTROL ready fans to end need for retrofits.

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Howden recently worked with a North American hard rock mine to introduce a Ventilation on Demand system.

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