Reliable cooling for the harshest applications

In rough construction and mining environments where reliability is essential, Howden fans and cooling systems meet every challenge.

While earthmoving and off-highway vehicles vary in their function and are used in a wide range of environments, they face similar challenges.

Whether it is an excavator at a highway expansion project, a dragline at a mining site, or a dozer, the requirements for the fans and cooling systems are the same:

  • It has to be compact, to fit the very limited spaces within vehicle structures.

  • It has to be durable, because vehicles operate in rough and dust laden environments.

  • It has to be robust enough to handle long periods of shock and vibration, day after day and month after month.

  • It has to be powerful enough to provide the required level of cooling and ventilation in a very demining industry.

  • It has to be affordable enough to find a successful role in an extremely price-sensitive environment.

The range of fan units and cooling systems we have developed specifically for the transport industries addresses every one of these issues, often in unique and innovative ways, to provide earthmoving and off-highway vehicle manufacturers and operators with equipment they can rely on with complete confidence.


Solutions for off-highway vehicles and earthmoving equipment

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