Our business has a long association with the commercial marine industry. Our HV-TURBO brand was established in the Helsingoer shipyard, in Denmark (a facility that we are proud to still be located in), while in Scotland we remain based on the banks of the Clyde and it was here that James Howden invented the force draught system, a design that would power many ships in the early 20th century. Today we continue to innovate with the development of our EGR compressors (in cooperation with MAN Energy Solutions) and our Air Lubrication Systems.

Howden direct drive axial fans are widely used in an industry that requires rugged, reliable and safe ventilation below decks including military vessels, yachts, oil platforms, cruise ships and merchant vessels.


Smart Connected products for the Marine industry. Howden Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are leading the world - on land and sea.


Applications and Processes

Air Lubrication

Since the development of our HV-TURBO compressor system, it has been installed in several cruise ships, and has shown a remarkable reduction in the propulsive power required - when operating at cruising speeds. A net fuel saving equivalent to 7-10% was achieved.

Products: KA Environmental Compressor

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EGR compressor technology for integration into IMO Tier III compliant two-stroke diesel engines.

Products: EGR Turbo compressor

Ventilation below decks

Our axial fans provide safe and reliable ventilation, customised to your needs.

Products: Axial Fans


Waste Heat Recovery System

On faster steaming vessels, a steam turbine can be a very efficient way of recovering the thermal energy from exhaust gas. This can have a large impact on fuel consumption, up to 8%.

Products: Steam Turbines


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