Pulp and paper

Howden fans deliver for every application in the paper industry from aeration to trim handling

Our family of brands include Buffalo Forge, Westinghouse, Covent, Canadian Blower, Solyvent Ventec, American Blower, TLT-Babcock, Alphair and more.

Look to Howden for efficiency improvements to your recovery boilers. Our full product portfolio makes doing business easy.

We have deep roots in the P&P industry with engineered products and drawings going back more than 140 years. We are here to help you optimise and maintain your rotating equipment.


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Howden can provide fans for every application in the paper industry

Howden provides a complete range of products for the pulp and paper industry for all areas and processes where a fan may be required. We offer exceptional efficiency in gas and dust laden environments where corrosion resistant fan construction may be needed.

Howden fans perform for every application in the paper industry due to its cost efficient and flexible design approach. Expect operational efficiency with Howden fans even in high pressure dryer, gas laden and corrosive environments.

We produce a wide range of products for the Pulp and Paper production industry. Typical uses involve processes where corrosion-resistant construction is required. The paper machines require high pressure dryer and heater box fan equipment. Our fans for the paper industry can be coated or have a stainless-steel construction. Howden can provide a fan for environmental systems, as well as particle, fume, and odour removal which are typical applications for the paper industry.

Fans for pulp and paper


  • Aeration
  • Non-Condensable Gases
  • Material Handling
  • Dryers
  • Environmental Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Odour / Fume Control
  • Sheet Lifters
  • Supply Fans
  • Trim Handling

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