Supporting cooling systems throughout the oil and gas industry

LNG production: there is a high cooling capacity requirement for the liquefaction process, but also the need for utility cooling throughout the site. Howden has recently secured a number of orders addressing both categories.

Downstream processing: gas plants, refineries and petrochemical complexes all have cooling requirements linked to heat rejection processes as well as utility cooling. We supply numerous cooling system OEMs for such plants as well as perform enhancements for operators within existing plants.

Gas compression stations: compression and boosting the pressure of gas for pipeline transmission requires cooling for continued safe operation. Our fans are integrated into ACHEs supporting this application.


Why end-users and cooling system providers use our fans


Noise: keeping operations under the permitted noise level is a critical factor for both the health of personnel on site and the neighbouring community. It's an area in which Howden cooling fans excel with a range that offers up to 20 dBA lower emissions compared to standard fans


Efficiency: all power consuming equipment can contribute to significant annual and lifetime operating costs. Howden’s fans are designed specifically for each site and duty to maximise the output with the minimal level of power consumption


Low footprint: our wide range of fans and performance capabilities means we maximise the space afforded to the cooling system. The low noise aspect also means no additional sound abatement equipment is required. This combines to give design flexibility, reducing cooling plant footprint or allowing room for future expansion

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