Industrial Gases


Providing solutions for small to large scale gas production units and industrial applications

Our products are ideal for continuous running, or tasks requiring intermittent operation, and can be supplied with flow, temperature and pressure regulation equipment connected to local control rooms. Each package is individually tailored to its specific duties and site conditions, and offers long-term, problem free, service.
Sites can integrate the technology into their operation to boost gas to feed their process or production lines. They can also benefit from 160 years of Howden experience in air and gas handling.

Comprehensive, Customized Services

Howden offers a comprehensive set of ventilation and compression technologies, delivering solutions to many specific challenges within the liquid-gas handling process in carriers, export terminals and import terminals.

Expert bottling solutions

Howden Diaphragm compressors have been serving noble gas high pressure bottling solutions for decades. The technology prevents any gas contamination within a sealed compression chamber. This ideal solution, created by Howden, is widely used for compression with high cleanliness level gas preservation. This is a particular requirement for gases used in high-tech industries such as; patient care, ultra-pure leak-free handling of Silane, and for noble gases, nitrogen, oxygen compression.

Separation expertise

An air separation plant separates atmospheric air into its primary components, typically nitrogen and oxygen, argon and some other rare gases. Cryogenic distillation, PSA and VSA - VPSA are 3 major separation processes with different designs and equipments. Gases can be shipped by pipeline, high pressure bottles or liquid tanks. Howden supplies air compressors for VPSA (Air blower push air to be separated) and ASU (Air and Oxygen centrifugals). Our technologies have a large capacity range for almost all separation site dimensions.

  • ASU VPSA (Air Separation Units). Vacuum air blower

    Vacuum  pressure swing adsorption (Air separation) Air, N2, O2. Ambient air is drawn through the process with a vacuum generated by a blower. Air blower pushes the air to be separated. Howden supply blowers for the application.

    • Single stage blowers, Roots Lobe Blowers
  • Gas distribution. Pure gas delivery, Bottling

    Compressors boost gas to 250 bar or higher in bottle or trailers. Diaphragm compressor delivers high pressure, contamination free gas compression.  Hybrid piston and diaphragm are used in large production units.

    • Diaphragm Compressor
  • Pure gas delivery. Pipeline booster

    Ensure gas pressure in the delivery pipeline.

    • Diaphragm Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
  • ASU (Air Separation Units). Air compressor

    Large ASU Air compressor.

    • Single Shaft Multistage Horizontally Split, Multistage Integrally Geared
  • ASU (Air Separation Units). Oxygen compressor

    Large ASU Oxygen compressor for Metallurgy, Fertilizer and petrochemical sites.

    • Single Shaft Multistage Horizontally Split, Multistage Integrally Geared
  • Site booster

    Diaphragm compressors are the optimum choice for a variety of important applications requiring clean gas at high pressures.

    • Diaphragm Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor, Vertical Reciprocating
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