Cement Production

Playing a key role in the moving, mixing, heating and cooling processes

Howden products are used throughout the cement production process. Our blowers are used to move the iron ore, calcium carbonate, silica and alumina immediately after extraction and continue to be used throughout the process and once the end product is generated and needs transported.

Once the raw materials have been crushed into raw meal, they are transported to the kiln and Howden fans play an important role in super heating the meal into the cement clinker and then to cool the clinker. The clinker then has gypsum added and is moved into the cement mill to be ground into the final product.



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Cement mill

Cement mill ID Fans. Clinker and gypsum that are grinded by the cement mill. The cement mill fan moves the product into the mill during grinding.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Clinker cooler

Cooling fans & clinker cooler exhaust fans. The fans circulate fresh air to the clinker to cool down the material.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Coal mill

Coal mill ID Fans. This is where the coal is grinded into the proper size to be fed into the burner. The fan moves the coal into the grinder.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Dust cleaning

ESP or Bag House Fans. Induced draft fan to move air through bag filter for cleaning purposes.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Final exhaust

Final ID Fan. Induced draft fan to move exhaust to atmosphere.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Preheater & Kiln

Preheater exhaust Fans or Kiln ID Fans. Circulate the air from kiln and pre-heater to the bag house and then the final induction fan.

Products: Centrifugal Fans

Raw mill

Raw Mill ID Fans. Move the raw input product (clay, limestones etc) into the grinder.

Products: Centrifugal Fans


​Conveying applications range from loading/unloading raw materials from ships/railcars, bagging of end product, and material process transfers.

Products: RootsTM Blowers

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