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Navy, defence and aerospace


Howden designs shipboard ventilation systems that help improve air quality, reduce noise and enhance overall installation

Howden fans are custom engineered to move air continually, reliably and efficiently throughout shipboard ventilation systems. Howden meets the low airborne and structure borne criteria for many of the quietest U.S. Navy ship classes.

Our long history with air moving requirements for commercial and military vessels as well as a complete understanding of Marine and Navy installations has made us a preferred partner for many Marine and Navy operators.

Howden Centrifugal fans are engineered to meet the requirements of US military specifications, IEEE and ABS. A variety of durable materials are used together with specialized coatings and processes to ensure that Howden fans are rugged, reliable and efficient.


Comprehensive, Customized Services

Every Howden product is backed by an absolute commitment to lifetime support and service that covers all spare parts, troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance and emergency response. We are dedicated to maintaining your plant at peak performance and, above all, keeping it in continuous production.

Bespoke Packages

Our extensive range of air and gas handling equipment are used in the most critical positions in the generating process. Howden has therefore been listening to the needs of the people in the industry to custom design each product to precisely match the individual specification and circumstances.

In-House Expertise

One of the most valuable advantages in working with Howden is that you can discuss your requirements with engineers who have a detailed understanding of the workings of power generating plants. You invest in a continuing partnership that gives you unrivalled global expertise in air and gas handling processes.

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