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Hydrogen Expertise

Howden is recognised as a global leader of hydrogen compression solutions. With over 100 years of experience in compression of hydrogen, we have developed highly innovative solutions for our customers focused on optimising the availability, reliability and installation footprint which result in reducing the total cost of ownership of our customers operations.

​Today, we continue to deliver reliable hydrogen compression solutions on a number of industry leading projects around the world. With our unique knowledge and expertise, Howden technology can handle and optimise hydrogen across the value chain from production, to storage, distribution and end use such as refuelling stations, Power-to-X applications and for heavy industrial purposes.


Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Howden provides world leading hydrogen compression solutions to support the ongoing Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) projects for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Renewable Thermal Energy


Hydrogen compression is at the core of the technologies required to improve the feasibility of the Power-to-X industry.

Renewable Thermal Energy

Hydrogen Pipelines

Howden produce the right cost-effective compression solutions that are needed to ensure the viability of hydrogen pipelines.

Carbon Capture

Hydrogen Bottle Filling

Howden Diaphragm compressors have been safely serving gas high pressure bottling solutions for decades.

Hydrogen Solutions

Green Fuels (eFuels)

We are proud to provide the compression solutions for the World’s first eFuel plant in Chile.

Renewable Thermal Energy

Hydrogen Storage

Howden has extensive experience in offering cost-effective compression solutions for the hydrogen storage across different applications.

Green Steel

Green Steel

We are proud to provide the compression solutions for the World’s first green steel plant in Sweden.


Hydrogen Liquefaction

Howden supply the safe, reliable and cost-effective compressor solution for virtually any situation.

Enabling some of the world’s most unique and innovative renewable hydrogen projects


Renewable Hydrogen Compression Solutions

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Industry membership

Our membership of leading hydrogen associations reinforces Howden's commitment to accelerating the energy transition through hydrogen towards a cleaner and resilient energy future.

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