Hydrogen Refueling Stations

Decarbonising the transportation industry

Hydrogen will play a significant role in decarbonising the transportation industry worldwide. Howden provides world leading hydrogen compression solutions to support the ongoing Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) projects for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Howden compression solutions have been deployed in a large number of hydrogen refuelling station across the globe, including the largest hydrogen refuelling station in the world located in China.

Hydrogen vehicles store energy in the form of compressed hydrogen fuel and take only a few minutes to refill. Hydrogen compressors are critical to achieve this rapid refuelling safely and reliably.

Hydrogen vehicles in operation only emit water vapour, thus producing zero greenhouse gases. Furthermore, when the source of electricity used to produce the hydrogen used is renewable energy, driving a hydrogen fuelled vehicle is nearly emission-free through the whole fuel production to consumption cycle.


Hydrogen fuel cell solutions

Howden, a company with over 100 years of experience in compression of hydrogen, has developed a range of products to facilitate the re-fuelling of FCEV's.

Hydrogen fuel cell


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