Green Fuels (eFuels)

Decarbonising the transport system

eFuels (or green synthetic fuels) are generated when hydrogen - that is produced using renewable energy- is combined with carbon dioxide - from industrial exhaust gases or from the air - to form a green hydrocarbon fuel that produces no greenhouse gas emissions when it burns.

eFuels come in a variety of names such as eMethanol, ethanol ammonia, biogas and biofuels. Essentially, most eFuels are carriers of hydrogen in liquid form which makes a significant difference in lowering the infrastructure requirements.

eFuels are expected to play an important role in decarbonising the transport system and are expected to thus make a notable contribution to climate protection.

Howden, with over 160 of experience, proudly were selected to provide the compression solutions for the World’s first eFuel plant in Chile.


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