Separation and Processing

CO2 stripping, treatment and liquefaction

During the separation and processing phase, the CO2 enriched solvent is pumped to a stripper to regenerate CO2 gas, and lean solvent. CO2 gas is then treated, and prepared for sequestration or industrial commercial usage.


Howden is a world leader in Mechanical Vapour Compressor (MVR) technologies, which is a key element in the stripping of CO2 from the solvent that captured the Carbon Dioxide in previous stages. Howden Turbo Compressors/blowers form the basis of the MVR system which enables CO2 to be extracted for re-use.

Howden products:

  Turbo Compressors

Scrubbing, Drying and Adsorption

Once the CO2 has been extracted, it is compressed using a Howden screw or centrifugal compressor in order to remove any remaining water or chemicals from the gas stream using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA).

Howden products:

Screw Compressors Centrifugal Compressors


Prior to sequestration or usage, the CO2 is condensed. The condenser will require a Howden screw compressor for the refrigeration cycle.

Howden products:

Screw Compressors  


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