Automotive production

Howden has the right fan that will deliver world class performance

Due to our flexible design approach, we can provide the degree of customization necessary to ensure ease of integration into any system on time and on budget. We can design the exact fan for your needs in many different levels of customization.

Howden's unmatched global manufacturing and support footprint can help companies in the automotive industry enjoy a high degree of local delivery and service and meet American and European codes and standards.

Our fans are known for their excellent sound characteristics that will ensure comfort in working areas and their unmatched reliability that will mitigate production downtime. Howden designs and commitment to quality ensure that our fans deliver precise and consistent airflow for spray paint booth applications.

Typical applications include automotive plant ventilation fans, dust collection systems and welding fume extraction at body-in-white automotive manufacturing facilities, and automotive fume exhaust at car dealerships.

car production


  • Spray Paint Booth
  • Oven Exhaust
  • Oven Recirculation
  • Process Heating
  • Combustion Air
  • General HVAC
  • Fume Extraction

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