The 3 key benefits of VentSim CONTROL


The 3 key benefits of VentSim CONTROL*

*formerly known as SmartEXEC

You may or may not have heard about our new VentSim CONTROL technology. We thought we'd tell you a little about how it came about and the benefits it will bring you. In particular, the three key benefits that bring a whole new way to working in the mining industry.

1 – VentSim CONTROL optimises mining operations

Traditionally, the largest operational cost in mining is the ventilation system because it has to be run constantly. However, we know there is no need for ventilation fans to be run constantly. There is a way to manage and control the fans so that the ventilation levels throughout a mine are safe but still use less power consumption. It is all a question of automation.

With VentSim CONTROL technologies, we've been able to create a unique control strategy that minimises the overall resistance in the mine while optimising the speed of the main fans. This is done by both implementing a 'scheduling' mode and 'dynamic control' mode, which automates the fans control systems as appropriate. This means that there is an equal balance between energy savings and control response.

2 – It's cost effective

After trailing the VentSim CONTROL technology with a North American hard rock mine and comparing their results, we were able to predict significant cost savings. Not only from a CAPEX cost but an OPEX, operational cost as well. By changing the way mining operations work, VentSim CONTROL significantly reduced the power output and, therefore, long-term cost.

The control offered by an advanced automated system allows mines to adapt to timeframes, speeds and react differently during energy cost premium time. It means mining companies can expect to see a significant reduction in their output costs.

3 – Finally, it allows companies to use smart and sustainable energy

Naturally, environmental protection is only becoming more important in the mining industry. However, the safety of personnel working underground is the overriding factor when it comes to energy usage and always will be. With a centralised enterprise of control systems, Howden can optimise the supply of fresh air to underground workers while reducing energy and operating costs.

In short, this technology is going to allow the mining industry to make both their people and their operational costs a priority. It offers a whole new way to gain flexibility in the demanding future of mining.


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