Date: 17th June - 22nd June, 2017

Location: Golden, CO

Stand: 14

Held at the Colorado School of Mines, the symposium provides mine ventilation engineers with up to date news and research in the industry.

We are excited to have our own Kevin J. Lownie presenting on Fan and fans systems, and we will have a number of our ventilation engineers at the event to discuss Ventilation on Demand (SmartEXECTM) along with our range of ventilation solutions including fans, controls and management systems.

Prior to attending feel free to visit our SmartEXECTM product page to read about our innovative mine ventilation automation system.

Mine Symposium

Howden Short Course - June 18 presented by Kevin J. Lownie

Fan and Fan Systems

The purpose of this one day course is to provide ventilation engineers with a sound understanding of how fans work and how they function within a ventilation system.  The course content broadly covers: geometric similarity, viscosity, Reynolds Number, boundary layer, basic aerofoils, impeller stall, surge and stall, parallel operation of fans and system stability, understanding fan performance characteristics, relating mine ventilation duty to fan performance, in situ fan testing and compliance assessment, rotor dynamics and fan foundations, VOD implications for fatigue failure of impellers, fan performance and reliability.

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Registration Deadline for Short Courses and Workshops: June 3, 2017