Extend maintenance intervals up to 30%

Extend your maintenance intervals to minimise downtime and operational costs.

Howden Uptime's unique asset health monitoring algorithms are able to evaluate critical components in the drive, process and oil systems of the compressors, and normalise system health to a score on a 0-100 scale, with a time-based prediction of remaining life.

Maintenance teams can make immediate informed decisions to extend maintenance schedules to a more convenient time, without increasing the risk of equipment failure. In one of our customer plants, this led to a €33,000 reduction in operating costs.


Reduce unplanned outages up to 75%

Access real-time trending and anomaly detection of critical operational parameters.

Howden Uptime's automated notifications are sent to you and Howden specialists to provide insight on a broad spectrum of systems and components.

Deviations in the performance of check valves, BOV's and IGV's can be identified by Howden Uptime. If left unaddressed, this can cause reverse rotation and compressor surge and can lead to collapse of the bearings and damage to the impeller, resulting in repair costs exceeding €100,000.


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