UPTIME - Smart connectivity for performance Optimisation on Demand

Howden people live to optimise your uptime.

​UPTIME is a unique and innovative platform for gathering, interpreting and analysing any kind of rotating equipment data. It offers a radical step forward in managing performance, and is remarkably easy to install and use.

The major benefits of UPTIME include:

  • A single access point which provides a unified view, anytime and anywhere, of the rotating equipment health.
  • Direct personal connection with Howden product specialists.
  • Reduction in operational costs and risks through the implementation of maintenance strategy tools, which also serve to increase understanding of efficient and reliable equipment operation.
  • Immediate access to the latest revisions of drawings and parts lists.
  • Data intelligence and visibility allow proactive and pre-emptive action to be taken to avoid failure.
  • 24/7 data analysis.

Using real time analytics and the digital representation of your equipment, we have created a truly innovative and all encompassing solution to deliver Performance Optimisation on Demand.

UPTIME monitoring for Compressors
Using UPTIME to visualise

How UPTIME performance optimisation works

​The sensors and the communications module can be installed without any modifications to the existing plant infrastructure. No interfaces between the plant’s DCS, or any other site systems, are needed. The only requirement is a power supply. The system is suitable for installation in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

The data gathered by UPTIME is continuously relayed to Howden in-house experts for analysis. As an equipment manufacturer with over 100 years experience, we can translate the data to provide valuable advice and recommendations for action.

The Digital Twin

The digital twin is at the centre of the UPTIME solution. Using physics data on how your equipment operates and responds to the environment, as well as data provided by the sensors fitted in the real world, the digital twin is used to analyse and simulate real world conditions, including how it responds to changes, and how you can improve your operations. The digital twin gives you a safe environment to make changes and quickly analyse the short and long term impact that they would have, prior to actually implementing in real life.

The data from UPTIME is used to provide automated predictive alerts, delivered, when necessary. You have access, via a personal portal, to current manuals, drawings, and reports, and Howden's worldwide service network enables us to have local engineers on-site quickly to provide additional support.


Expert guidance right beside you

UPTIME is a digital platform that seamlessly integrates data related to your rotating equipment's performance. The system combines active inputs, such as temperature, pressure and vibration, with reference parameters from manuals, specifications and maintenance reports. When the data is analysed, it provides a unique foundation for maintaining and enhancing operational excellence.

UPTIME Condition monitoring for compressors

A cloud based service platform focusing on improving uptime and overall availability.


UPTIME provides the means to comprehensively monitor the performance of your rotating equipment using data from the sensors. It is designed for effortless installation anywhere.

We selected standard packages of sensors to provide core data-gathering for critical measurements. Sensors are positioned based on machine type and process but the list below will allow you to see some of the main positions:

  • Fan sensors.
  • Compressor sensors.
  • Blower sensors.
  • Steam turbine sensors.
  • Air Preheater sensors.


Data from the sensors is assessed, in conjunction with the information contained in maintenance reports. This enables us to produce an accurate assessment of the condition of the rotating equipment and provides a detailed and reliable basis on which to make decisions about the timing and scope of inspections and maintenance.

By connecting the operating data to the real-time performance and using our in-depth knowledge of compressor technology we create an accurate digital model of its future characteristics. This forms an invaluable guide to predicting the optimum moment for replacing parts, thus improving uptime.


The value of UPTIME far exceeds the data and analysis that it accumulates.

It gives you access, via the secure portal, to the most recently updated manuals and drawings, and to technological developments that will improve the reliability and availability of your fan and/or compressor.

As experts in fan and compressor technology and the original manufacturers of the equipment, we will also use the data to advise on potential improvements to your installation. Revamps and overhauls can thus be planned at the best possible time. This offers an extremely cost-effective way of raising performance and production time to the highest levels.

UPTIME monitoring for Compressors

Real-time solutions

The online monitoring screen screen will show you sensor data for your machine so that you get a real-time view of critical data for your machine. Sensors are placed at various points in the machine, we will guide you as to where would be the best places. Where ever you are able to access the internet, you will be able to access the real time sensor data and the status of your machine.

You can get the master overview of your asset, and then drill down into individual components where more specific sensor data will be displayed.

Data is shown live, so you will get the perfomance data presented as the machine runs. Monitor pressure, temperature, level and vibration changes as they happen.

UPTIME monitoring for Compressors

Trend Analysis

Along with documentation and a real time view of your machine, UPTIME also provides operational data over time. This allows you to monitor trends in the performance of the machine and therefore spot potential problems and take action before they become issues.




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