​Leveraging our digital partnerships

PTC technology leads the world in IoT

PTC ThingWorx has been rated the most advanced IoT (Internet of Things) platform available from any software vendor in the world, which is why we have used it as the foundation for our performance optimisation solution, Howden Uptime. ThingWorx has an incredibly powerful analytics model which is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Taking the data collected from our rotating equipment and enabling it with AI is what makes our data strategies predictive, with this added intelligence we can start to predict failures before they happen.

Combining world leading Artificial Intelligence with our OEM expertise

Howden Uptime Interface utilising PTC ThingWorx

Empowering customers with Augmented Reality

To enable performance optimisation and improved operational efficiencies, we adopted mixed reality solutions that would provide insights from IoT in a visual and easily consumable way. We use PTC's Vuforia Studio to create immersive Augmented Reality experiences for the HoloLens and other smart devices. We have also been working closely with PTC to support the development of a new digital solution which uses Augmented Reality technology to enable remote assistance and collaboration, learn more about Vuforia Chalk.

The Augmented Reality technology is built on our existing 3D models and by incorporating the IoT data we are helping our customers to improve efficiencies and achieve safer and more productive operations. By adopting the Augmented Reality technology, we are changing the way our customer interact with rotating equipment. We are transferring our 160 years of knowledge through the AR experiences and empowering people with real-time access to work instructions and step-by-step manuals.

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