Howden Select for Cooling Fans

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​The HNL fan selection software stems from 1983 and was at that time released under the name “EFanSel”. On June 12, 1997 the first Windows version of the software called CF‑P20 was released, based on a FORTRAN calculation core and a Visual Basic 4.0 interface. In 2002 the software was upgraded to Visual Basic 5.0. After this, to promote the K-series aluminum fan range a short-lived Web version was released. From 2013 to 2015, the selection software was completely revised and rewritten, and released as Howden Select Cooling Fans.
The integration of helpful features into the selection software resulted in a user-friendly tool. Howden Select assists experienced users in finding solutions very quickly as well as enabling less experienced users to come to a proper cooling fan selection.
The program includes the latest and most recent information about our fan series and updated with the latest information on fan masses, moments of inertia and blade natural frequencies, due to constant improvement of our hand lay-up cooling fans production method.




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