Invoice Fraud

Please phone us to confirm any request to change bank details

We are aware of increased use of sophisticated invoice fraud attacks on both ourselves and our customers. This type of attack has the potential to defraud businesses very quickly if we all do not remain vigilant.

Internally we are raising awareness amongst our own staff, and we are also committing to raising awareness amongst our customers as well.

If you receive any request to change payment details, please contact us immediately on a phone number that you know is genuine to confirm the change. Do not rely on an email that you receive with instructions to follow, many of these sorts of attacks rely on the use of a spoofed email address - essentially addresses that look like they are legitimate but are not!



Invoice Fraud Advice

Invoice Fraud attacks can be very convincing. Please have a read of the advice from Barclays bank on how to protect yourself.


If you would like to submit an enquiry please get in touch.