Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Howden, we do the right thing

For our employees, customers, investors and the local and global communities in which we operate.


ESG is integrally linked to our vision of ‘enabling our customers’ vital processes which advance a more sustainable world’, and is clearly aligned with one of our core values, ‘we do the right thing’. In short, our ESG efforts are a fundamental characteristic of our brand as well as our purpose as an organisation.

Ross B Shuster, CEO of Howden



Environmental Commitment

Our Carbon footprint (baselined in 2020) is 28,000 tonnes a year. We are committed to reducing this by 50% by 2030, and to be carbon net zero by 2035.

We will achieve these targets by switching to carbon free energy, focusing on energy conservation and the introduction of more renewable energy projects.

We use the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting protocol framework to capture our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and have recently joined the Carbon Disclosure Project.

By 2030 we intend to send Zero Waste to Landfill at 50% of our company sites and by 2030 reduce water usage by 30% across our company.

The contribution of Howden products to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint significantly outweighs our own carbon footprint. For example, 64,000 tonnes of carbon emissions are typically avoided through the use of one Howden Gas-Gas-heater and one Howden Steam turbine can avoid 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.


Making a difference to our environment

SECRET Project

Shell Biofuels Project

This project demonstrates Howden’s leadership in the global compression market and our expertise in the growing sustainable fuel market. Howden compressors at this facility will help Shell to meet its target of becoming a net-zero emissions energy company by 2050.

Renewable Thermal Energy

Regenerative heaters increasing emission capture efficiency

Our world leading engineers have found a new use for our Regenerative Heaters to help drastically cut emissions from Steel production factories. Throughout Asia we have rolled out solutions using products, previously not utilised in the industry, to help meet environmental targets.

Carbon Capture

Hydrogen Fuel

With over a century of hydrogen compression experience, we are providing the core technology required to provide hydrogen fuel. As the world turns to renewable energy sources, our compressors are the trusted solution.



Social Impact

By championing diversity, fairness and equality of opportunity, we are determined to build a positive and enduring legacy in the communities where we live and work. Their success ultimately strengthens our business and advances a more sustainable world for all.

Through our Bright Futures program we help disadvantaged and under-represented people in our communities realise their full potential and help build a more sustainable future for all through education and skills development.

Our programs in Diversity, Inclusion, Wellbeing, Engagement, Developing our people, Fair Pay and Health & Safety all include specific measures and improvement plans.

Download our charter to learn more


Bright Futures is our globally branded community program which enables local teams to make a real, positive impact for disadvantaged and under-represented groups in their local communities.



Governance to ensure best practice

A governance framework is in place to protect Howden’s corporate reputation and promote ethical business standards. We must ensure an adequate, fair and consistent approach to controlling the ethical and regulatory operation of our business.

This commitment is fully supported by the senior leadership team and local management teams throughout the group, and extends to the suppliers that we partner with.

How we conduct business:



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ESG Charter

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