Delivering Uptime to Gunvor Petroleum

Uptime provides an invaluable insight into compressor performance and enables informed decision making.

The reciprocating compressors play an important role in the refinery process, operating 24/7, but Gunvor lacked insight in the maintenance and performance indicators of these compressors. Gunvor was looking for a solution that provided them with guidance and advice, rather than more data and information that is not actionable.

They wanted a system that would provide them with real benefits.

After the first 12 months with Uptime installed, Gunvor experienced actionable benefits as a result of the digital solution.


The reciprocating compressors were identified as critical in the overall process at the refinery, however lacked any means to track past and current performance in terms of asset condition and performance.

Driven by previous operational issues, Gunvor wanted to explore options that enabled predictive and prescriptive maintenance and performance management.



Uptime was recommended to Gunvor as it provides insight into the process conditions of the compressor and enables informed decision making on the operation of critical equipment.

The installation process was very simple and non-intrusive. Howden worked very closely with Gunvor during the installation to ensure it was quick and had minimal impact on operations.


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Installing Uptime at Gunvor

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