Delivering Howden Uptime to Gunvor Petroleum

Howden Uptime provides an invaluable insight into compressor performance and enables informed decision making.

The reciprocating compressors play an important role in the refinery process, operating 24/7. Gunvor required more insight on the maintenance and performance of the equipment.

They wanted to explore options that enabled predictive and prescriptive maintenance and performance management.

Since installing Howden Uptime, Gunvor Petroleum has realised savings of up to €275,000.

The challenge

The reciprocating compressors were identified as critical in the overall process at the refinery, however lacked any means to track past and current performance in terms of asset condition and performance.

Driven by previous operational issues, Gunvor wanted to explore options that enabled predictive and prescriptive maintenance and performance management.


The solution

Howden recommended Howden Uptime to Gunvor, as it provides a deep insight into the compressor process conditions. This, combined with Howden expert advice, will support condition-based decision making.

If there is an operational change to the equipment, the Howden Uptime system will send an alert to the user, which allows them to prepare for the change.


The outcome

In the past, when a machine displayed signs of problems, the maintenance department had no choice but to replace all valves or other parts until the problem was resolved.
Howden Uptime detects which parts need to be replaced through advanced machine learning algorithms. This avoids any extra parts being replaced unnecessarily, saving time and costs.
During a three year period with Howden Uptime running, Gunvor has generated savings between €200,000 - €275,000. More importantly, if Howden Uptime was not installed these savings would be actual cost and even higher when a major machine breakdown would have occurred.


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In a complex environment where safety and availability are paramount, predictive analytics drives downtime reduction in the oil and gas industry.
We have combined our highly reliable products with unique digital twin driven solutions to predict failure before it happens and reduce costly downtime.

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Installing Howden Uptime at Gunvor

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