Uptime goes live at Gunvor Petroleum in the Netherlands

Our customers told us that there are many compressors operating 24/7 in critical processes without an advance monitoring system to track performance and trends. Our customers were looking for guidance, solutions and advice, rather than more data, more information or more alarms and notifications which are not actionable, in short they were looking for a system that provided 'real benefits'.

In collaboration with Howden, Gunvor identified two compressor units that were critical in the overall process but operated without an advanced monitoring system to track past and current performance.

Driven by previous operational issues, Gunvor was exploring options to enable predictive and prescriptive performance management.

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Engineer using IIoT solution Uptime

Gunvor's main objectives

  • Protecting their reciprocating compressors by enabling the early identification and quantification of operating and maintenance related issues, thus preventing unplanned stops and downtime.
  • Optimising maintenance intervals and scoping by transitioning from time based preventative maintenance to condition based maintenance.
  • Providing detailed insight of operational influences in real time in order to quantify the potential of liquid (slugs) coming from the process which could cause accelerated wear of the compressor-unit.

The solution

Howden, being an OEM for over 100 years, recognised that we have an advantage over other suppliers of monitoring systems. We have the technical information and know-how of both OEM and non-OEM Reciprocating compressors that are operated in the field. Our engineers understand the parameters, which are essential to predict optimum compressor performance, and how to optimise operation based on process conditions.

For this reason, Howden developed UPTIME. We had learned from our customers that they were not looking for more data and reports to review. Instead they were seeking answers and guidance on how to operate the compressors in a more efficient and safe manner and to optimise maintenance philosophy and planning.


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