JSC "Satkinskiy Chugunoplavilny Zavod" (SHPZ) is one of the oldest metallurgical plants in Russia.

The challenge

The project was set to benefit both the local environment and the local economy and the customer wanted an extremely robust and efficient condensing steam turbine with controlled heating extraction and a condenser, resulting in blast furnace gas as a low-cost by-product of primary production.


A key challenge was the stability of the grid in the region, resulting in the need for the turbines to be able to function in "island mode" in case of network connection problems.

The solution

Howden produced two steam turbine generator units (TWIN CK57) with an electrical capacity of approximately 6MW each, and supplied a complete solution together with condensers and control system.

Such turbines have an overhung design and can start in full operation mode within 3 minutes without pre-heating. It can work for at least 3 years without any revisions, and by using our new 3-stage condensing module, very good turbine efficiency could be achieved.

The outcome

By using our latest turbine design, we increased the efficiency of the turbine and the customer netted 5% more electricity, as specified per contractual stipulations.

Howden helped SHPZ to reduce electricity consumption by the use of a turbocompressor with a steam turbine drive. Electricity production was also improved by the use of steam turbine generator units, which receive steam resulting to blast furnace gas incineration. It also improved the availability and sustainability of the entire plant.

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Steam Turbine at Satka

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