How can you prevent unplanned stops of axial fans in your power plant?


How can you prevent unplanned stops of axial fans in your power plant?

Imagine there's a sudden breakdown at your site. The axial fan stops. Unplanned. You have no indications of why. It just happens. There are people checking the fan within minutes. What they see is shocking. Inside the fan blades lie scattered all over. Critical parts are severely damaged.

Horrifying to imagine, right? Now, imagine you can prevent it. And imagine the costs you might save and the peace of mind you can get.

Our experts have asked customers around the world to find out what the most frequent reasons are for unplanned fan stops. Now we know and we made a white paper on it. Not for our sake but for yours. Because we'd hate to see a breakdown like the one above happen to you.

It offers many different causes and the way to address them; below is an example from the white paper.

The measuring ports in the stall system are plugging on my axial fan

If problems with plugging are detected, you can solve this by installing a purge air system. This is used to flush the equipment with clean air and ensures that the functionality is not damaged by contaminants from the surrounding environment. In short, the purge system will ensure the reliability of the stall monitoring system.

If you have axial fans running in your power plant, we suggest that you download this free white paper.