UltraGen™ a radical improvement in heat exchanger performance


​Dougal Hogg, Deputy Chief Engineer - Heater Technology, was interviewed at Power-GEN Asia and spoke about UltraGen™ which is Howden's innovative solution for heaters.

Watch Dougal Hogg speak (2 minutes 23 seconds into the video)


UltraGen™ explained 

One of the things we have been working on lately has been UltraGen™. Which is combining three different technologies into one set of cold end fouling solutions.

The first one is HCP Element™ which is the world's first dual profile element, combining  a very open, very cleanable profile at the bottom of the element.

The second one is SureCoat™ which enables us to now enamel Corten and mild steel.

The third one is high pressure water washing it's called enerjet™ - this enables us to combat severe cold end fouling in air preheaters.