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Where can I find out more about Howden's Ventsim CONTROL solutions?

Howden's Ventsim CONTROL ventilation system is part of our Total Mine Ventilation Solutions. It allows us to optimize your mine ventilation better, enhancing your production capabilities, improving safety while reducing energy costs.

What is Ventsim CONTROL?

Suppose you've not heard about or seen it in action already. In that case, Ventsim CONTROL is Howden's innovative suite of products engineered for managing ventilation in underground mines. In many cases, Ventsim CONTROL has proven to reduce mines ventilation energy costs by over 50%! Our Howden team developed the system in Canada and has been successfully implemented at various mines globally with sustained results over the past 10+ years. As a result, we are now giving professionals worldwide the chance to explore what Ventsim CONTROL can do for their mines and reap the benefits it has to offer.

Our true Ventilation on Demand solution incorporates Howden products specific to a mine's requirements providing for a truly comprehensive system. Ventilation monitoring stations, asset tracking, variable speed fans, redundant communication systems, and more. They are all part of the Ventsim CONTROL solution to fit any mine, at any level of development.The pre-programmed logic and advanced controls ensure optimal system performance, effortlessly juggling every component throughout the mine, maximizing fan efficiency and energy savings—all without the need for automation specialists.



Why do I need Ventsim CONTROL

Mining control room

The benefits are many. Increased health & safety, enormous energy savings, and productivity gains, to name a few. Phase 1 of implementing a Ventsim CONTROL ventilation system assessesyour current system and mine details. From there, our engineers provide an extensive report outlining what is required, what it will cost, what you will save, and how long it will take to return on your investment.


How can I find out more about Ventsim CONTROL?

We have several mining events that will allow you to meet members of the Howden team and learn more about the one true and proven ventilation optimization solution. Visit our Events section for more information.

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