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Total Mine Ventilation Solutions proves to be your one resource for all your mine ventilation needs



VentSim DESIGN Screenshot

In August of 2018 Howden acquired Chasm Consulting and their suite of software products, including Ventsim™. After this purchase, Howden has renamed this mine ventilation design software to VentSim DESIGN. This simulation software package is designed to model and simulate ventilation, airflows, pressures, heat, gases, financials, radon, fire and many other types of ventilation data from a model for tunnels and shafts. In February 2018 we released version 5 of VentSim DESIGN with enhanced capabilities, including integration with fan selection software.



Howden incorporates many of the most celebrated names in fan innovation and engineering. As manufacturers of mining ventilation fans and ancillary equipment of every type, Howden is able to offer unbiased advice about matching fan technologies to demands and duties. Howden's range of equipment is fully comprehensive and fully customisable, backed by a full advisory, consultation and design services. Our ventilation engineers have extensive experience with ventilation equipment and able to work with you to select the most ideal piece of equipment for your mine.



In response to specific customer feedback, Howden has created new software – VentSim CONNECT. This software is an affordable solution adapted from the current VentSim DESIGN users that provides a manual control of the ventilation.



Howden has developed the software VentSimTM CONTROL (previously known as SmartEXEC), that can adapt to any ventilation system, no matter the size or complexity of it. The VentSim CONTROL software uses a non-programmable user-friendly interface tied to a 3D simulation model to which advanced control strategies are implemented without requiring specialised personnel in the field of automation. Technologies such as fiber optic communication networks, Wi-fi and tagging and tracking systems are becoming a standard in the industry for different applications, making ventilation automation the natural next step in mine operations. In the case that a tagging and tracking system is used, the ventilation can be adjusted in real time based on vehicle and personnel presence using a tagging and tracking system, such control strategy is often referred to as Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD). In addition, the use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for underground auxiliary fans is now a preferred option. The use of VFDs can reduce energy consumption up to 75%.

Ventilation as a Service


Total Mine Ventilation Solution




At Howden, we understand that implementation of a full mine ventilation automation system can lead to large CAPEX requirements. As a solution, we have the ability to offer you financial options that can significantly reduce OPEX and eliminate the need for CAPEX costs. These financial options are a part of our Ventilation as a Service (VaaS). VaaS is completely customizable and also includes service options such as Turnkey services, feasibility studies, preventative maintenance, among many other Howden services.

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