Howden aids in Houston's recovery


In August of this year the Houston, Texas area was hit by Hurricane Harvey which caused one of the worst flooding events that the city has ever experienced. This flooding affected many of Howden's customers in the Houston area. As the flood waters receded and the recovery effort began they contacted the Howden Roots (HRO) Aftermarket team to assist in getting equipment back online and repairing all of their Roots blowers


Starting on September 20th, the Howden Roots Houston Service Center (HSC) received more than 60 blowers from a single customer that had been flooded at their major chemical plant. Over the next 9 weeks the entire HRO team would work closely together to meet the needs of this important customer. Led by the Houston Service Center and with the dedicated support of the Sales Team, Supply Chain and Sourcing Teams in Connersville, Field Service Team, Connersville Service Center (CSC), and the Roots Distributor in Houston, ACFM, we were able to meet the schedule for the customer and the last blower was delivered on November 30. A total of 32 large rotary blowers were repaired at HSC, 10 large rotary blowers were repaired at CSC, and ACFM assisted to repair or replace more than 20 small rotary blowers.

The HRO Field Service team was mobilizing to local waste water treatment plants before the water had completely receded even though some of our team was directly impacted by the flood. They spent the next 6 weeks working tirelessly in partnership with water authority maintenance teams and were able to get the last waste water treatment site back online in the middle of October.

While Hurricane Harvey will be remembered as one of the worst natural disasters for the Houston Texas area, we are proud of the teamwork, organization and problem solving skills utilized by our HRO associates in Houston and Connersville to support our customers in challenging circumstances.

Blowers leaving our Houston factory

Repaired blowers being sent back to the customer from HSC

HSC team

The Houston Service Center Team (Left to right: John Conley, Robin Swan, Steve Williams, Kim Fischer, Kathy Podraza, Levi Waechter, Rocky Pope, Brian Boggs, Johnny Brown, Kyle Roper, and Joe Pifer.)

Field Service team

Field Service Team (Left to right: Andrew Rutherford, Pete Granado, Micah Maliskas)