Data Driven Advantage: Digital Transformation 002


​Howden DDA Vlog 002

The second DDA vlog from Maria Wilson

Hello everyone, Maria Wilson here, Global Leader for data-driven advantage at Howden. Welcome to our second DDA vlog. I want to start by thanking everyone who took the time to watch comment and share our first vlog. We've had terrific feedback so far so we'll do our best to keep up the good work.

In today's vlog I am going to continue the story of Uptime, our digital innovation for the performance optimisation of rotating equipment. In our first vlog I talked about the digital twin that's at the heart of Uptime, and today I want to continue talking about the rest of the IoT technologies that are at the heart of this digital solution.

The technology stack

Our technology stack is made up of five building blocks the Digital Twin is the foundational block. Our second block is where we connect the sensors deployed at the equipment level to transmit the operational data to Uptime. We work with most industrial connectivity protocols and we can integrate with existing control logics or operate completely remotely our connectivity block is completely customizable to our customers needs.

Our third block is where we start to leverage the power of our digital partnerships. All the Howden digital solutions live in the cloud and at the start of this year we announced our first global partnership with Microsoft for the use of their cloud solution Azure. Why did we choose Azure? It's one of the most trusted cloud technology in the world with more than 90 percent of the fortune 500 businesses choosing to run their operations on Azure. It has more certifications than any other cloud solution in the world, it's fully compliant with all the industrial and international standards, like GDPR. We take our customers data very seriously and with Azure we have further fortified our approach to data security and data protection.


In our fourth technology block we leverage the solutions of our second strategic partner PTC. In the analytics block we use the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in Thingworx to further enhance and differentiate our digital twins. Thingworx is a world leading industrial IoT platform that since the advent of IoT has been leading the innovation and the space with the ease of deployment and integration with a very rich and highly differentiated user experience. It's purpose built and completely customizable and it's also integrated with world leading one-of-a-kind augmented reality capabilities. Looking at all of this criteria Gartner has named PTC as leader in the industrial IoT space, when its Magic Quadrant of IoT solutions was published earlier this year and that was a repeat on PTC's achievement from the previous two years. Further reinforcing our global DDA strategy is the mutual partnership that Microsoft and PTC announced earlier this year which provides us with a strong basis for complete solutions, integrations for the customers benefit this allows us a rapid deployment, full scalability and all this is enhanced by the mutual strengths of our partners and the space of IoT which is basically allowed Howden to jump-start its digital transformation success.

Uptime digital technology stack

Our last block, our fifth block, is the all-encompassing solution and service that we deliver to our customers. We're talking here about the digital twins that are further enhanced by the world leading artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in Thingworx. This delivers performance optimization, it delivers predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategies for the equipment. All of this is wrapped up in truly unique augmented reality experience of our Howden equipment which enhances our customers overall experience of owning our equipment. And finally our service all along the way and our expert guidance to truly realize the full customer value.

With that I'm coming towards the end of our block today please make sure you tune in next time we'll have more updates for you from the DDA world here in Howden. Thanks for watching and see you all next time.