Central Vacuum Systems

Custom central vacuum systems

Our custom central vacuum systems are specifically designed for each facility with a centrally located vacuum producer and dirt separator or material collector connected to a metallic vacuum tubing network. They extend “vacuum power” throughout operations of any size, providing intense cleaning power as well as fume removal, liquid spill pickup, hazardous and recyclable goods collection, bulk material conveying, vacuum hold-down or pickup, and more.

There are several aspects of the system we review in order to help you get the best system possible:

  • Type of application
  • Percentage of time system will be “cleaning only”
  • Maximum number of simultaneous users
  • Hose diameter and length
  • Materials that will be vacuumed, for example:
    • Explosive dust
    • Toxic powders
    • Bulk materials
    • Liquids
  • Special tools or extensions required
  • Location for central system

Rather than "one size fits all," Howden offers many sizes and types in both vacuum producers and separators for your self-contained vacuum unit. Vacuum producers may be single stage or multistage centrifugal, regenerative types, coupling drive or belt drive, with power input up to 1250 HP. There are dry and liquid separators; several filtration types with manual or automated cleaning; pre-separators; and specials such as Bag In/Bag Out separators for toxic materials.


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