Car Wash Vacuums

Car Wash Vacuums

Of course, along with keeping the outsides of vehicles clean and free of road grime, car washes and auto detailing facilities need to clean the interiors of the cars they service, too. This critical task is accomplished with the help of commercial car wash vacuum systems that are professionally designed, planned and installed with the needs of their intended facilities and operators in mind.

We have been manufacturing car wash vacuum systems since Henry Ford started making cars, so you can count on our expertise to help you pick the right system for your operation.

Industrial Vacuum Systems — Car Care Begins With Our Systems

Receiving the best professional advice goes hand-in-hand with getting the right industrial vacuum system for your car wash facility. Since introducing our first system for car vacuuming in 1905, an increasing number of customers in the car washing industry has come to trust us and the products we make.

Today, from our 200,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Windsor, Connecticut, we research, develop, manufacture, and test one of the most extensive selections of car wash vacuum systems on the market. Our products are designed for a long operational life with minimal maintenance.


Car Care Vacuum Systems

We manufacture a wide range of vacuum equipment for any car care situation — including vacuuming at car washes, cleaning rental fleets, car detailing, auction prep work, and even transit system maintenance. To meet a variety of needs, we offer a large selection of vacuum units, dirt collectors, liquid separators, motors, and energy-saving controls.

Plus, you can be confident when you choose one of our systems since all of our products are backed by the expertise of our professional customer representatives who can help you lay out your system, choose the appropriate features and assist you with installation and startup.

Car Care System Options and Accessories

Our vacuum options and accessories allow you to customize your car care system for the ultimate in performance and convenience. For example, our vacuum units can safely be installed on gasoline islands with the addition of explosion-proof motors and grounded components.

If you are looking to protect your vacuum system from damage, we have water collectors capable of stopping slush and shampoo suds, as well as pre-separators that can intercept and collect trash like paper and gravel. We also stock a full selection of accessories, including hose racks, car cleaning kits, metallic tubing, gauges, couplings, valves, and much more.

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