Melting & Holding Furnaces

Providing furnaces of the highest quality utilising the latest technology

Howden designs and manufactures, as part of our Canefco range, a full suite of aluminum melting and holding furnaces to suit all foundry, casthouse and recycling operations. Capacities range from 8,000# to 160,000# with melt rates from 800#/hr to 25,000#/hr.

Linings may be brick or monolithic using the highest quality, most durable materials available. Tilting or stationary designs are implemented to suit the application.

The key to the fuel efficient furnace is the design of the combustion system. Howden Canefco Furnaces use the latest in high efficiency recuperative or regenerative combustion technology. Optional low NOx burner technology can be added to reduce environmentally harmful emissions.

State-of-the-art, PLC based control systems provide accurate control of chamber and batch temperature. PC based SCADA applications can be integrated into the control system for historical logging of temperature data.

Whether the application is a small dry hearth for automotive casings or a mammoth reverb for scrap remelt; we can provide a furnace of the highest quality and latest technology.

Melting furnace
Ladle pre-heaters

16,000 lb capacity, 4500 lb/hr, tilting dry hearth melter with scrap and ingot chargers.

Ladle pre-heaters

14,000 lb capacity, 4000 lb/hr tilting dryhearth melter/holding with ingot charger.

Ladle pre-heaters

95,000 lb capacity, gas fired, tilting holding furnace.

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