Industrial furnaces

Our comprehensive line of industrial fans for Industrial Furnaces

Howden offers a suitable solution for all the different industries that utilise industrial furnaces. We are able to provide the right fan for combustion air in any application. In processes where consistent pressure and precise airflow reliability is important, Howden with decades of engineering experience, can design pulsation-free solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Typical applications for these processes include combustion systems for furnaces, fans for cooling of drive machinery, pickling exhaust and furnaces in forge shops and exhaust systems on quench lines.

Howden understands the need to provide controlled air of high quality to maintain an atmosphere conducive to producing components of premium quality. Our comprehensive line of industrial fans is designed to withstand the temperatures and dirty airstreams associated with these applications. A variety of configuration options are available depending on the setup of the system.

Fans for furnaces


  • Combustion Air
  • Material Handling
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Odour / Fume Control
  • Dryers
  • Environmental Systems

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