HV-TURBO Compressors in Air Lubrication Systems

Achieve 7-10% fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions

The Air Lubrication technology is based on blowing micro air bubbles out under the hull of the vessel. The air bubble distribution across the hull’s surface, reduces the resistance generated between the ship’s hull and the water, thus generating an estimated fuel saving of up to 7-10%. Air Lubrication Systems can be used in all types of vessel operations.

The HV-TURBO compressor in air lubrication systems is a single-stage turbo compressor. To ensure minimal energy usage, each compressor is individually designed according to the vessels specifications. Our unique Dual Point Control system, a combination of VFD controlled speed of the impeller and the diffuser vanes, enables the highest efficiency during full turndown. This mean no waste of air and an aeration compressor performing as efficiently as possible.


  • Energy savings of 7-10% by lower vessel drag
  • Lower CO2 emission
  • Fully integrated in the vessel operation
  • Designed for the vessel specific conditions
  • User friendly control system
  • Suitable for all types of vessel
  • Designer friendly Air Lubrication System concept
  • Experienced within Marine application

Our impact on a sustainable world


Cuts fuel consumption by up to





Reduces CO2 emissions by


tonnes a day per vessel


Air Lubrication Systems

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