Highly efficient HV-TURBO® compressors for Air Lubrication Systems

Improves efficiency by reducing CO2 emission and operating costs.

When using our unique single-stage turbo compressors in your Air Lubrication System, you can achieve significant fuel savings and reducing CO2 emissions.

The Air Lubrication (ALP) technology is based on blowing air bubbles out under the hull of the vessel. The air bubble distribution across the hull surface, reduces the resistance generated between the ship’s hull and the water, thus generating an estimated propulsion energy saving of up to 7-10%. Air Lubrication Systems can be used in all types of vessel operations.

Using our unique single stage turbo compressors in your Air Lubrication System will provide significant fuel savings, and is thus also a technology for reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Air Lubrication System
  • Energy savings of 7-10% by lower vessel drag
  • Fully integrated in the vessel operation
  • Designed for the vessel specific conditions
  • User friendly control system
  • Suitable for different types of vessel
  • Designer friendly Air Lubrication System concept
  • Well experienced within marine application

Power in operation

Since the development of our HV-TURBO compressor system, it has been installed in several cruise ships, and has shown a remarkable reduction in the propulsive power required - when operating at cruising speeds. A net fuel saving equivalent to 7-10% was achieved.

Our HV-TURBO® compressor system includes the following main components:

Efficiency by design

The advanced mechanical and aero dynamical design, has - together with the air-end and integral gearbox - been developed and refined with the aim to create the most efficient single-stage air compressor. The number of compressors required for an Air Lubrication System is determined by the vessel’s specifications e.g. vessel size, speed and air flow requirements.

The Air Lubrication control system is designed for fully automated monitoring and control of each compressor, control of the total air mass flow production, and the load sharing between the compressors. The Local Control Panel (LCP) is equipped with the industry standard Siemens PLC, working with a dedicated program adapted specifically to each compressor. The system is realized by real-time data-sampling and calculation, whereby the highest possible compressor efficiency is achieved during all operational conditions. The Air Lubrication Panel ensures that an optimal air flow volume is provided to each of the blow out boxes, giving an equal and balanced air flow when the system is operated in high seas. All instrumentation is selected based on marine standards or special classification requirements for the vessel.


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