Cooling Tower

Our fan technology adds value to your cooling tower design.

Cooling towers (wet cooling) are used for evaporative cooling for many types of cooling systems. They are applied in a wide range of industries such as power plants, refineries, Oil & Gas, chemicals and HVAC-R systems.

Cooling towers are often subjected to strict environmental noise limits. In many cases, these restrictions can only be met by using expensive sound attenuation equipment which enlarges the static pressure of your cooling system and increases its power consumption.

We believe that it is much more effective to tackle the noise problem at its source: Our Ultra-low noise fans can realize reduction in noise in combination with high efficiency, without affecting the cooling performance of your application.

Why Howden

  • Over 50 years of experience
  • Continuous research and development of our fans
  • A local presence
  • Reliable technical support
  • Installation and commissioning service

Product Benefits

  • Leading ultra-low noise technology
  • High fan efficiency
  • Excellent damping and chemical resistance
  • Eco design compliant
  • Backed by the most reliable selection software available

Your Cooling Tower needs quiet fans - that's where the SXT profile comes in.

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