Seminario de Ventilación Minera

On the 16th of August, Howden presented the Mining Ventilation Seminar. The event took place in Peru in association with "Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI)".

The event

The Mining Ventilation Seminar was a chance for Howden to connect with the mining community in Peru. The whole day event was free to all who attended. We focussed on technological advances in mine ventilation, energy savings, control and production optimization. There was even time for a real time system demo that impressed everyone.

Our qualified engineers welcomed 52 attendees to the event, including the teachers and students from “Facultad de Ingeniería Geológica, Minera y Metalúrgica”. We take great pride in being part of communities and helping further the education of the students. Among the many mining professionals who attended were representatives of some of the area's most important mines, and we are now working with them to implement the solutions which we discussed.

The results

The attendees have told us that they learned a great deal at the event. Most attendees informed us that they enjoyed the training and the demonstrations.   As leader in the field of mine ventilation, we were able to show the latest innovations and technologies.

Whether it be our SmartEXEC™ system, our Ventilation as a Service offering or our reliable fans or blowers, there was something for everyone to get excited about.  We are very pleased that 92% of the mines attending have invited us to come visit them.

What happens next?

For those that attended we will continue to work with them to save them significant amounts on their energy costs. For those that missed out, you may want to attend our next one. We don't know yet when the next event like this will run. If you wish to attend next please fill in the form below, just check the box if you want us to get in contact with you right now.


November 15, 2016