Efficiency is power at Power-GEN Asia 2016

This year at Power-GEN Asia our focus is on efficiency. We know that in this industry, efficiency is power. It's a leading theme for us in 2016, and we'll be sharing it with the delegates and other industry experts at Power-GEN Asia.

As the power industry has grown, so has Howden. We've developed the air and gas handling products and now provide every item of air and gas handling equipment needed. Our own engineers understand the workings and the pressures currently acting in the industry. We know what plant operators want. They want efficiency, reliability and environmental compliance in their equipment.

Which is why we'll be presenting the following at Power-GEN Asia this year.

Air preheaters, which recover heat from flue gases and raise the temperature of air entering the combustion chamber. Alongside this will be forced draught fans, which move cold air at a low pressure through the air preheater. All to provide heated oxygen for the combustion process. From there, we'll look at induced draught fans, which are vital to maintaining furnace pressure along with drawing the flue gages out of the boiler and into the air preheater.

We will also have key specialists representing primary and secondary air fans. They'll be explaining their role in moving air through the air preheater and feeding into the boiler combustion chamber. There will then be the chance to talk to our experts about cooling fans, to condense steam into water, and gas recirculation fans, which help control furnace gas and steam temperature.

Finally, we'll be looking at Flue Gas Desulphurisation (or Selective Catalytic Reduction Booster) fans and their role in driving the flue gas through cleaning processes. Alongside this will be gas-gas heaters and their ability to reheat the gas in flue gas desulphurisation plants and SCR systems.

The technology we'll be presenting is to meet every stage of the generating processes. What we are now working on with our equipment is to develop it beyond the essential. It must continue to evolve to become better, more efficient, more cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly. If this is something you are interested in seeing for yourself, why not come along to Power-GEN Asia and have a chat with us yourselves.

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August 08, 2016