Howden are presenting at the 3rd International Rotating Equipment Conference

​We have two presenters at IREC2016 - we hope that you can attend, and we are sure you will learn lots from what our experts have to say.  At the bottom of this page is a link to click to go to our event page where you can indicate that you wish to attend.

Maarten Baan:   Field Performance Assessments Using Enhanced Simulation Modeling for Reciprocating Compressors

The basic thermodynamic and mechanical performance characteristics of a reciprocating compressor can be described using algebraic relations. This method is capable of producing reasonably accurate results for general performance predictions; however there are some cases and applications which require a far more accurate simulation of the actual thermodynamic processes occurring in a reciprocating compressor. This is achieved by means of adopting a simulation method in the time domain. Using a novel solution strategy, the simulation can be performed in a matter of seconds and can therefore be used for compressor selection, detailed design as well as field performance assessments.
Maarten Baan will present his paper, detailing the applied numerical schemes and solution strategy as well as a number of case studies on field performance assessments showcasing the benefits of this modeling approach.


Niek Albers :   Lubrication and Wear: Emissions Related to Wear of Components

Niek Albers will host a training session on the topic of Emissions Related to Wear of Components during the Training Seminar “Lubrication and Wear” prior to the EFRC conference on Tuesday, September 13. The training seminar provides the opportunity to get an in-depth view on the technical aspects of lubrication and wear of reciprocating compressors delivered by expert speakers from leading companies in the industry. Emission sources, effect of wear on emissions, mitigation strategies and regulatory aspects will all be covered during the training session.

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August 31, 2016