​Howden Africa is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange. It is a market-driven company with a strong focus on its customers and is within the Howden Group of companies. Major industries supplied include power generation, petrochemical, mining, construction, refrigeration, water treatment and general industry.

Howden Africa is committed to identifying and controlling the effect our operations have on our environment. Therefore all of our product design and manufacturing processes are scrutinised for their environmental friendliness. We are based at manufacturing facilities located in Booysens (Johannesburg) and Struandale (Port Elizabeth).

Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Group’s principal products and services can be split into two main areas.

  • Fans and Heat Exchangers
  • Environmental Control

Our 2016 Final Results Presentation held on 13 April 2017 can be viewed here: Howden Africa Final Results Presentation April 2017

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Our Unaudited interim financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2016 can be viewed here: Howden Africa unaudited interim financial results for the six months ended 30 June 2016

Our 2016 Interim Results Presentation can be viewed here: Howden Africa 2016 Interim Results Presentation

Our 2016 Final Results Presentation can be viewed here: Howden Africa Final Results Presentation April 2016

Our Reviewed Condensed Annual Financial Results can be viewed here: Reviewed Condensed Annual Financial Results 2015

A supplementary Q&A from our Investor Relations Meeting held on April 1st 2016 can be downloaded here: Supplementary Q&A from Investor Relations Meeting 1st April 2016

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Section 60 - Notice to shareholders

Section 60 - Results notice

AGR HUK HAHL Management Services Agreement can be viewed here 

AGR HGUK HAHL ERP Software License incl 2015 addendum can be viewed here

Our 2015 AGM Questions & Answers can be viewed here: Howden Africa AGM Questions & Answers 2015


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King III Governance Register (please note this will take you to an external site).

Exchange: JSE Symbol: 10DB

The board and management of Howden Africa Holdings Limited are committed to the principles of openness, integrity and accountability as advocated in the King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa – 2009 (King III).

Howden endeavours to comply with all requirements for corporate governance in the Listings Requirements of JSE Limited, South Africa.

Ian Brander

Non-executive Chairman

BSc (Mech. Engineering)(Hons), D.Eng (Honorary Degree)
Ian Brander has been a non-executive director of Howden Africa Holdings Ltd since 26 July 2011.

Mr Brander joined Howden in 1983 and has undertaken a diverse range of roles and projects allowing him to be involved in a wide range of technologies, from fans to wind turbines to tunnel boring machines, robotics and compressors, progressing from design and development to engineering management, project management and general management. He was appointed Howden Global Technology director in 2006, Operations Director in 2008 and, in August 2011, he became Howden Global CEO.

Mr Brander also sits on (amongst others) the boards of Howden Group South Africa Limited, James Howden and Godfrey Overseas Limited, Howden Holdings Limited (UK), Howden Group Limited (UK).

James Brown

Non-executive Director

James Brown has been a non-executive director of Howden Africa Holdings Ltd since 3 March 2005.

Mr Brown has had various senior financial roles across his 27-year career at Howden. Since 2003, he has been Chief Financial Officer of Howden Global. He is responsible for IT and business systems development in Howden, financial control and overall financial performance of the business.Mr Brown also sits on (among others) the boards of Howden Group South Africa Limited, Howden UK Limited, Howden Group Limited (UK) and Howden Holdings Limited.

Morongwe Malebye

Lead independent non-executive director

MSc (Ind. Engineering), MBA and BSc (Mech.engineering)
Morongwe Malebye has been independent non-executive director of Howden Africa Holdings Ltd since 7 November 2007.

Ms Malebye has worked in senior and executive positions at blue chip engineering companies such as Sasol, TFR-Spoornet, Armscor, and subsidiaries of international and listed companies such as Babcock Africa and PB Africa. Ms Malebye’s expertise are in the utilities sector and manufacturing. She is a valuable contributor to growth strategy, stakeholder engagement and asset management.

Currently, she is also a Director and co-founder of Ditiropele, an engineering company and CEO of Dickinsons Industrial Services.


Mitesh Patel

Independent non-executive director

Mitesh Patel has been the chairperson of the Audit Committee and Independent non-executive director of Howden Africa Holdings Ltd since 15 December 2014.

Mr Patel is the managing partner of Nkonki. He is an accomplished audit partner, non-executive director and curator, equipped with a commanding track record over the past 14 years of bringing sound judgement and a strong commercial perspective to business in unlisted markets, listed markets and state owned entities.

Mr Patel is, in addition to his directorship within Howden, the independent non-executive chairman of Wearne Limited and Imbalie Beauty Limited and an Independent non-executive director of Verimark Limited.

Marinella Vigouroux

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marinella Vigouroux has been Howden Africa Holdings Ltd’s CFO since 8 December 2016

Mrs Vigouroux moved to the CFO role from a financial director role within the Fans and Heat Exchangers division of Howden. She brings with her extensive knowledge of the construction and engineering industry and a key operational understanding of the Howden business.She has specific expertise in financial control, systems implementation, strategic management and financial management and reporting.

Mrs Vigouroux does not sit on any other boards.

Humphrey Mathe

Independent non-executive director

BSc (Hons),MSc (Mineral Exploration),PhD (Applied Geology)
Humphrey Mathe has been an Independent Non-executive Director of Howden Africa Holdings Ltd since 1 July 2012.

He has in excess of 39 years experience in the mining industry and is the chief executive officer of Tranter Resources. Previously he was the CEO of Scinta South Africa (Pty) Limited, an executive general manager at Exxaro Resources Limited. He serves on the investment committee of Acrux Resources and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa and registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) as a professional scientist.

Dr Mathe also sits on the boards of Ferret Mining and Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd, Scinta South Africa (Pty) Limited (non-executive chairman), Tranter Group of companies, Talent10 Holdings, Council for Geoscience (CGS), Wescoal Holdings Limited and Handa Copper Corporation.


William Thomson

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Bsc (Mech Engineering)
William Thomson was appointed initially as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) from 1 February 2016, for a short transition period, and from June 2016 he will be appointed as the CEO of Howden Africa Holdings Limited, for a period of approximately 2 years.

Mr Thomson has significant experience running a global heavy fan and heater business and has extensive end-to-end knowledge of procurement, manufacturing and service processes of the Howden core range fans and heaters. He has significant product knowledge and its application in the power and mining industries.

Mr Thomson also sits on the board of Howden UK Limited.