Effective management of Environment, Health and Safety is a way of life in Howden.

Howden's Global Environment Health & Safety (EHS) department work through a business-wide management system to ensure Howden adheres to common Environmental Health & Safety performance indicators.

Our remit includes running training sessions, driving the use of our EHS Hub as a management tool and embedding a Cross Audit Programme throughout Howden business units.

Howden business units report key EHS data regularly via an online worldwide reporting system, which is monitored centrally. The system tracks a wide number of Key Performance Indicators, with close attention being paid, in particular, to action completion.

The majority of our manufacturing and servicing operations worldwide are certified to both OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Externally certified EHS management systems, which are measured against globally recognised standards and assessment specifications, provide a framework which assists our businesses in identifying and managing our environmental, health and safety risks, thereby reducing the potential for negative incidents and improving overall EHS performance.

In addition to our externally certified EHS management systems, Howden has, since 2010, operated an extensive EHS Cross Audit Programme worldwide. The basis of the Programme is that a Howden business unit undergoes a week-long EHS audit, conducted by an EHS Manager from another Howden business unit.

The Programme enables auditors to drive EHS improvements in Howden on two levels: (i) by assisting the audited business units; and (ii) by taking back to their own business units examples of best practice, which they see at first hand while conducting audits.

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