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Howden Africa1738719/12/2016 10:20:39In case of an emergency - Wait for instructions at assembly points Column1 POWER OIL & GAS MINING OTHER INDUSTRIAL 0.59 3.0000000000000002E-2 0.16 32 Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxpptxFalsepptx19/12/2016 10:20:55
Fans & Heaters Technical Seminar1909416/05/2017 06:12:05In case of a fire or other emergency, assembly location is outside in front of the main Prayer room located in the main hotel reception area – left hand side 131 Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:22
Fans & Heaters technical seminar1910416/05/2017 05:17:39Instant access to Howden engineer in case of planned maintenance or unexpected breakdown Usually, through these studies we dive to root cause of the problem instead of dealing 69 Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:36
Fans & Heaters technical seminar2803831/05/2017 08:20:54Now a leading global player for industrial air and gas handling equipment a trusted advisor (engineering studies, large revamps, performance maintenance management Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:24
PowerPoint Presentation2803915/05/2017 20:57:10What would Howden need to do to become your preferred service partner for rotating equipment What do you think about the Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) concept, presented to Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:39
Fan & Heaters technical seminar2804016/05/2017 05:19:28Now MCCET is a function of similar type of fouling can be seen in heaters where water is allowed to ingress into the gas stream from external sources up stream from the heater e.g Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:25
Fans & Heaters technical seminar2804113/05/2017 18:06:19All flue gas fans are fitted with seal air units to prevent the flue gas from entering the inner tube of the diffuser The sealing air units can be supplied as stand-alone units or Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:28
Fans & Heaters technical seminar2804216/05/2017 09:51:23Impeller/casing not designed for current level of abrasive particles in process gas Accelerated corrosion of components when leaked gas condenses to form acid Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:30
PowerPoint Presentation2804315/05/2017 20:51:17Thinking about the issues and related solutions presented during the day, which ones are more relevant to you or your plant and why What is the one thing that you pick from today’s Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:31
Fans & Heaters technical seminar2804413/05/2017 18:11:25Gas-Gas Heater Check that the incoming and outgoing air and gas pressures are within the design values Typical list of maintenance work on Air Heater Documents/SaudiSeminar2017pptxFalsepptx17/05/2017 11:33:32