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Almeria case study77223/4/2015 2:56:16 PMCase study Almeria Thermal Power Plant, Spain The introduction of Howden’s VN seal system For information about other Howden air & gas handling products/services for the global 74 studiesThe introduction of Howden’s VN seal system to the air preheaters brought an immediate drop in leakage level from 26% to 5%. Over the subsequent eight years, the level has been maintained at an average of 5.75%.1/25/2017 4:17:45 PM<img alt="" src="/assets/portal/SiteAssets/casestudyimages/Case16-Almeria.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Itabo air preheater case study77233/4/2015 2:56:10 PMCase study AES Itabo I Power Plant Dominican Republic Replacement of primary plate heaters with Howden custom designed rotary air 30 studiesReplacement of primary plate heaters with Howden custom designed rotary air preheaters.1/25/2017 4:19:32 PM<img alt="" src="/assets/portal/SiteAssets/casestudyimages/CASE17_ItaboI.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Sanguesa air preheater case study77243/4/2015 2:56:00 PMCase study Biomass Plant, Sangüesa The Sangüesa Biomass Power Station in Sangüesa (25 MW Gas Outlet Temperature Pressure Drop Gas Side Original DU Profile 137˚C 1.33 kPa New HC 43 studiesAt Howden, we have developed a range of element profiles, materials and coatings designed to offer optimum longevity and cleanability in every situation.1/25/2017 4:20:23 PM<img alt="" src="/assets/portal/SiteAssets/casestudyimages/CASE19_Sanguesa.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Heater Package Heater77313/4/2015 10:57:31 AMThey offer even greater benefits where 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 MW Package air heater size Package air heater sizing with flue gas mass flow (only for reference) Package air heater sizing 23 brochuresHowden regenerative air heaters use a slowly rotating rotor loaded with heating elements that transfer energy from the hot gas to cold air.2/3/2017 11:12:49 AM<img alt="" src="/assets/portal/SiteAssets/brochureimages/packageheaterbrochure.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">