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Industrial furnaces and ovens
Howden design, manufacture and install industrial furnaces and associated equipment for a vast range of applications, with full control panels, instrumentation and ancillary equipment. Our industrial furnaces, ovens and associated equipment are used for a vast range of processes requiring the heat treatment or drying of a product.

Howden has experience with a vast array of furnaces and ovens used for many different applications. We can supply equipment based on traditional methods, or custom design a solution specifically for your needs.

Howden offers a turn-key service including engineering, procurement, on site construction/erection, project management and commissioning, encompassing the engineering disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical and control and instrumentation.

Previous builds:

Catalytic converter calcining oven, BASF (former Engelhard), Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Grinding ball batch type annealing oven, SCAW Metals, Wadeville, South Africa.
Grinding ball continuous annealing oven and air quench, SCAW Metals, Wadeville, South Africa.
Grinding ball continuous tempering furnace and oil quench, SCAW Metals, Wadeville, South Africa.
Carbon baking/Pyrolysis car bottom furnace, Graftech, Meyerton, South Africa.
Wire patenting, lead quench and zinc galvanising line, SCAW Metals (former Haggie), Johannesburg, South Africa.

Detailed specifications

Howden furnaces and ovens are designed from the customer specified temperature profile, which along with other important process parameters, determines the number of heating and cooling zones required for continuous processes, or how much heating time is required for batch processes. Depending on the operating temperature of the furnace, radiation or convection will be selected as the preferred heat transfer mechanism; a combination of both is always a possibility.

Varying degrees of automation can be achieved, with the most automation typically occurring for continuous operations. Materials handling options are broad and include car bottom, hydraulic basket pusher mechanism, mesh belt feed and fixed bed conveyor pusher.

The furnace can be designed such that there is direct contact between the heat source and the product, or if required, a closed circuit system with non reactive atmosphere can be designed to insure no contamination of the product.

The heat source can be electrical heating elements, or burners with recuperation technology for increased thermal efficiency. All burner heated systems are designed in compliance with the SANS 329 specification to insure the safety of the equipment and operators. Furnace refractory and insulation are carefully selected in order to minimize heat losses.


  • Metals heat treatment processes, i.e. normalising, tempering, stress relieving/annealing, quenching.
  • Wire patenting furnace.
  • Lead bath quench; typically used for wire heat treatment.
  • Galvanising baths; typically used for wire heat treatment.
  • Catalytic converter curing/calcining oven.
  • Air quench and oil quench.
  • Drying oven.
Spare Parts

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Renato Lopes |Pr. Eng
Manager, Furnaces and Incinerators
Tel.: +27 11 240 4054/4000

Michael Klco
Service and Spares Co-ordinator
Tel.: +27 11 240 4244/4000

 Our dedicated aftermarket department will service all of your spares related queries.

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