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Waste Water Blowers & Control Systems
Howden’s single and multi-stage centrifugal blowers provide low volumes of air at high pressure, packaged complete with control systems, for waste water treatment duties.

In Africa Howden’s Type RRC centrifugal blowers are directly coupled to two-pole induction motors, offering a cost-effective, efficient and quieter alternative to positive displacement blowers. Our blowers are supplied in a wide range of corrosion, abrasion and temperature resistant materials to meet the specifications of the individual customer.

Key benefits

• Uninterrupted operation through a variety of flows
• Wide flow range
• Integrated control system

Standard features

• Efficient
• Robust construction

Howden’s centrifugal blowers are fitted with inlet inducer vanes, inlet radial valve controls and optional variable vane diffuser controls to operate at very high efficiency over an extremely wide flow range.

Our blowers incorporate fully-fabricated impellers and casings, providing for an extremely wide range of readily welded material options for construction. Impeller inlet and stationary inlet cones are machined to ensure optimum aerodynamic performance, and each impeller stage is fitted with a set of inlet control vanes that provide high efficiencies over wide operating ranges.

Our engineers can customise each blower’s control system for specific customer requirements and performance demands.

Maintenance is simplified and our units do not demand any special skills other than those normally associated with fain maintenance and service.

Howden offers turnkey electrical control and automation products that are engineered for the customer’s process specifications. We manage the complete automation of large projects, from the tender stage, through to final commissioning.

Detailed specifications

Besides automatic electrical control and instrumentation systems for new plants, these systems can also be retrofitted to existing plants, or existing systems can be upgraded.

Howden has extensive experience covering combustion systems, fans, fabric filter plants, dust control, scrubber plants, waste gas extraction systems, automated wire patenting lines, (including lead treatment and galvanizing baths) automated aluminium solution treatment and age hardening furnaces, combustion systems for sinter plants, carbon baking furnaces and incinerators.

All electrical and instrumentation projects are executed with a personal touch, regardless of size and value.

Supply, install and engineer Motor Control Equipment (MCCs) for all types and equipment. Capabilities include MV and LV turnkey systems. Containerized systems for remote locations are engineered and supplied as per customer needs.

Supply, install and engineer electrical and instrumentation cabling to local electrical standards, and certificates of compliance testing are submitted by Howden for all installations.

Howden’s in-house programmers design Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) software for the major types and brands of PLC and SCADA systems. PLC panels, complete with PLC systems, are supplied and designed.

Fit-for-purpose instrumentation is designed, supplied and installed on all projects as per customer requirement.


• Waste water treatment
Spare Parts

Complete aftermarket support, including retrofits and refurbishments, are offered on Howden waste water blowers.

MG Mynhardt
Tel: +27 11 240 4025

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